Wednesday, 20 February 2013

First vampires sparkle, so what's next? Kind zombies?!

Yes, zombies that are kind are taking over our screens - well at least one of them is kind. So Warm Bodies ... I guess you kind of have an idea what it's about but you don't know what to expect, right? Let me tell you that you are in for a treat because this movie was even better than I thought it would be, and I thought it would be good.

After watching endless episodes of The Walking Dead and it giving me nightmares (that will teach me to watch it just before bedtime!) I wasn't sure how 'warm body' zombies would compare, but the film is so charming: it's funny with such an original plot, it makes you wonder if that's what zombies are thinking whilst ambling around (I will so look at the Walking Dead zombies differently now!); the soundtrack is excellent - it goes perfectly with what's going on in post-apocalyptic America; the zombie characters are - dare I say it ... kind of cute, if you ignore the fact that to them eating human brains is a delicacy. So a big thumbs up! I would gladly watch a sequel to this movie, although it's also the kind of movie you don't want a sequel to because you enjoyed the first one so much.

They canned 'Don't trust the B in Appt.23'!

That was disappointing news as I loved watching Dawson making a fool of himself every week and I was hoping that Pacey would show up in at least one episode. Mind you without Dawson I don't think that show would have lasted long anyway. If you got to watch it were you hoping Fred Savage would finally show up too? :oD I just wanted to see what Kevin Arnold looks like as an adult. Well whilst some good comedies come to an end others get revived! The Arrested Development new season starts on netflix in May and this is a prelude to the Arrested Dev movie - hooray!!

Tuesday, 12 February 2013

Take Flight with Denzel!

There's not much I can say about Flight without giving the plot away, but Denzel once again brings his fine acting skills to the screen - he always reminds me of a modern day Sidney Poitier. In Denzel's films it is usually blatantly obvious whether he is playing a good guy or a bad one; in Flight he gets to play both - the hero pilot and the bad guy struggling with his demons - the question is will he overcome the demons and become a real hero?  A serious film from Robert Zemeckis that is definitely worth a watch if you have 138 minutes to spare. Be warned though, the opening plane cockpit scenes are quite terrifying so if you are about to fly maybe save this one for another day.

Saturday, 2 February 2013

Arnie's back! But is his movie any good?

It was so good to see Arnie back on the big screen in 'The Last Stand' this week. Though sadly the movie hasn't done very well in the UK and has only really lasted on screen for a week. It won't disappoint action movie fans, but the comedic moments didn't always work - you didn't really know if you were meant to be laughing or not. This could be down to the script writers or the Korean director Jee-Woon Kim; he did a great horror a few years back - A Tale of Two Sisters - a film comparable to all those classic Japanese horror flicks like The Ring and The Grudge.

The story isn't too original either according to my dad who says it was just like the John Wayne movie Rio Bravo. Although to me it was like watching an extended episode of the A-team with added blood splatter and minus Mr T. You had Arnie as Hannibal, Johnny Knoxville as Howling Mad Murdoch, some actor as the good looking guy, and a girl cop - who's character reminded me of Amy (remember her?). If you take watching this with a pinch of salt it's one to watch at the end of the day - no thinking required - just sit back, relax and enjoy the former governor's comeback. Next let's see how Sly's 'Bullet to the Head' compares!!