Thursday, 19 September 2013

Insidious Chapter 2

If you watched Insidious then you have to go and watch Insidious Chapter 2 regardless as it's an immediate continuation of the story - what I mean is that it's actually the next day from the last movie's night before. If you didn't watch the first one then you really need to see it beforehand so that the second makes total sense. Was it worth watching? Well I liked Insidious as it was a fresh idea for making a connection to the horror that lurked on the 'other side', but because the first film explains what's going on this makes Chapter 2 a lot less scarier than it could be as you know what to expect. What's nice about Insidious 2 is the added comedy element of the 2 guy paranormal investigators that appeared in the first, although I'm sure they got this idea from the Ghostfacers that Sam and Dean have come across in Supernatural. They made the most of these guys in this one, but the fact they had to add comedy could mean that their horror story was running a bit flat. Regardless expect Insidious Chapter 3 as its just been confirmed by Hollywood!

Monday, 16 September 2013

The Lone Ranger

No matter what anyone says about it, I was bound to like The Lone Ranger anyway as Johnny Depp is playing one of his quirky characters. Expect Pirates of the Carribbean in the wild West with some cute ideas like the colourful character that is Silver the horse.  It's nice to find out how the Lone Ranger and Tonto came to be as I don't remember any of that being explained in those ancient Lone Ranger series reruns. When I was young to me the 'Lone Ranger' was just his title - who knew he was called that because he was actually a Texas Ranger! So the verdict? If you liked Pirates - watch this, if you're a die hard fan of traditional Westerns - avoid!!

Wednesday, 11 September 2013

You're Next

The mark of a good movie is one that will have you guessing until the end! Sadly I guessed what was going on in You're Next near the beginning. You know this is going to be a mediocre movie given it's no major star cast - I did recognised the girl from Step Up 3D though and was impressed with the way she could kick-ass. It's a violent one but some of the 'cheesy' violence actually made the audience laugh. This is more the kind of film you'd turn on mid-way through on a late Friday night  and be content in watching the rest of it without having seen the beginning. A similar idea movie The Strangers is a much better watch.

Tuesday, 10 September 2013


If you're both a sci-fi fan and a Riddick fan then no doubt you'll be looking forward to the latest in Riddick's adventures. Whilst this instalment obviously had a much reduced budget compared to Chronicles, and doesn't quite meet the quality of Pitch Black, although is similar in storyline, Riddick's undefeatable tough, but cool, character won't disappoint you; can he survive everything and anyone yet again? Before you go and see this it's best to watch Pitch Black and Chronicles beforehand as there particular character references in the storyline. So out of them all how does Riddick rate? I can watch Pitch Black over and over, I can watch Chronicles again, but watching this one just once at the moment I feel is quite enough, BUT I'm really looking forward to the next part of the story which I hope they definitely make!

Thursday, 5 September 2013

The Way Way Back

I've just come fresh from the cinema after watching The Way Way Back, and what a lovely film that was to watch. As you'd expect it is a Sundance Festival movie and would definitely be classed as one of those movies that would not pull in mainstream audiences. The film is about an awkward 14 year old boy who is on vacation with his mum, her boyfriend and his daughter. Not liking the boyfriend much, (who knew Steve Carell could be so mean!) and having trouble fitting in with the older teenagers, Duncan reminds us of how it was when we were young and awkwardly inclined, and throughout the movie your heart goes out to him. Thankfully he finds happiness at the local water park and a role model friend in the shape of Sam Rockwell, who steals the show with his entertaining quick witted character. Similar to the movie Adventureland, this is a great one to end your summer vacation with and it will help you reminisce about all those summer vacations you used to have when you were young.