Friday, 24 May 2013

'Mud' in the Mississippi

Have you heard about Mud with Matthew McConaughey? I didn’t see any trailer for it and the first I heard about it was when the week's new releases were published. Described as something like Huckleberry Finn crossed with Stand by Me I thought I’d give it a go …  . This was such a good movie, enjoyable from start to finish. Two 14 year old boys, one with haircut just like River Phoenix in Stand By Me, off on an adventure come across a stranger who’s living rough on a tiny island in the Mississippi river.  He’s wanted by the law but he also wants to meet up with, what appears to be, his lifelong love on the mainland. The youngsters of course decide to help him. So the adventure unravels, and by no way is this film a romance, nor will it turn out quite how you’d expect. Remarkable performances by all, including the little guys, and a refreshing depart for Reese Witherspoon from her usual fluffy roles. This is definitely one worth spending your money to watch.