Thursday, 11 July 2013

Stuck in Love

If you watch the trailer for Stuck in Love you know that it’s going to be an art house type movie - strong characters and a script where everyone has a lot to say intellectually or philosophically. On the character level this is a great movie because there are many little story lines that gives them depth and keeps it interesting. Greg Kinnear plays an author who has lost his creativity since the day his wife, played by Jennifer Connolly, left him. Three years later he is still convinced she will come back. In the meantime he is pushing his teenage son and twenty-something daughter to write and become authors. The film follows them through a year, and so much happens during that year both in the kids' lives and in the adults' lives; there are funny moments and tearful moments. Saying that, this is definitely a good one for the ladies and for art house lovers who like screenplays filled with meaning and real life.