Thursday, 1 August 2013

Now You See Me

What a great original film – Now You See Me is definitely one to watch. Four magicians know as The Four Horsemen (even though one's a lady) use their magic to cleverly take from the rich and give to the poorer during their performances to audiences of hundreds, all without getting caught. Throughout the movie the FBI, namely Mark Ruffalo, is trying to catch them out, but they are always one step ahead. Morgan Freeman, an ex-magician, is trying to figure out how they are doing this magic but to no avail. The Four Horsemen are Woody Harrelson, Isla Fisher, Dave Franco (James’s brother) and Jesse Eisenberg and they have a very specifc goal ahead so won’t be performing long-term, but exactly what is real and what's an illusion will have you guessing right to the end. All will be explained but it’s not something that's easy to predict. I can imagine kids watching this and going out to buy magic sets, or adults getting out their decks of cards to try those old, much easier tricks once again.