Thursday, 19 September 2013

Insidious Chapter 2

If you watched Insidious then you have to go and watch Insidious Chapter 2 regardless as it's an immediate continuation of the story - what I mean is that it's actually the next day from the last movie's night before. If you didn't watch the first one then you really need to see it beforehand so that the second makes total sense. Was it worth watching? Well I liked Insidious as it was a fresh idea for making a connection to the horror that lurked on the 'other side', but because the first film explains what's going on this makes Chapter 2 a lot less scarier than it could be as you know what to expect. What's nice about Insidious 2 is the added comedy element of the 2 guy paranormal investigators that appeared in the first, although I'm sure they got this idea from the Ghostfacers that Sam and Dean have come across in Supernatural. They made the most of these guys in this one, but the fact they had to add comedy could mean that their horror story was running a bit flat. Regardless expect Insidious Chapter 3 as its just been confirmed by Hollywood!