Saturday, 22 February 2014

Cram them in Saturday!

Not a movie title but today I saw 3 in a row which is very unusual as the film timings never usually fit in like that. So here's a quick rundown. I'm sorry to say that they do have very specific audiences in mind!!

The Monuments Men:
A light hearted war movie based on true events but of course americanised! Light hearted - though there are the serious moments of course as it is the war - as they spell it out in the music and by casting Bill Murray and John Goodman. Don't expect a comedy though!!! You've all appreciated art in museums but when you watch this you will so appreciate it in a different way, as these men may have saved the pieces you are looking at from destruction during the war. This is worth the watch as it has a great cast, is very well acted, and is one of the things you never hear about? It also makes you realise how much these few men did to preserve the priceless art for us to enjoy today. You won't look at the classic art in the same way ever again after watching this.

A New York Winter's Tale:
If supernatural (the TV series) was scripted as a fairytale then this is what it would be like. An original story that I enjoyed watching throughout, even though Colin Farrell is in it (no he's not my fave!). But although the story is unusual you just want to watch it all to find out what happens. Probably more a film for the ladies though given it's fairytale feel . Not sure how Will Smith got cast for his minor role though - and not sure that it works as you just see Will Smith - no matter as I did love this one regardless!

Endless Love:
My excuse for seeing this one was it started 10 mins after the Winter Tale one finished, and I was there. A remake from the 80s Brooke Shield one which I never saw. To be honest, though they couldn't change the title as it was a remake and is based on a book, the poster makes the movie look so boring that I wasn't going to bother, but my dad saw it and thought I might like it. Why?  Well I did enjoy it as it was like watching an extended epi of Dawson's Creek with added mild violence. Yep, I can see men switching off at this point, even though I know they did after reading the movie title. But for ladies - you'll enjoy it, and probably more so if you like American series like Dawson's Creek. Also thumbs up to the soundtrack with some nice original tunes!!