Thursday, 24 October 2013

Escape Plan

Finally Sylvester Stallone and Arnie in a film that takes you back to their earlier action movie days in a good way. Escape Plan, with it's self explanatory title, is so much better than The Expendables movies simply because it isn't trying to cram in all the action stars and cheesy lines that it can, so the movie can actually concentrate on the story.  A good twist although I've seen something similar in a TV show that got cancelled a couple of years ago (sorry to be cryptic but it will spoil the movie), and just a few cheesy moments that are perfectly placed so they are really funny. This is mainly a Sly movie as it's about what happens to his character but he seemed less fresh and more exhausted personally than fictionally, more so than Arnie though his role was less demanding. I would like to see more like this from these 2 actors instead of more Expendables !! And if you like the old school movies these guys used to be in then don't miss this one !!