Wednesday, 27 March 2013

Another one word titled movie from Statham: Parker

Did you notice that Jason Statham stars in quite a few one-word titled movies like Blitz, Crank, Safe, Celluar, War?! Parker is, as you’d expect, a typical Jason Statham movie – it does what it says on the tin. Though whilst we were travelling down that road we know so well the film took an unusual diversion. We started off with what felt like a smaller almost indie type film, one with a low budget, a lot of raw violence, and bad guys turning on bad guys. Then half way through the movie we have JLo appearing as a key character. Whilst she has done more dramatic and indie roles like in Out of Sight and U Turn, in this film she was acting like she does in her typical comedies. Despite this feeling a little out of place my friend and I actually really enjoyed watching this one so something must have worked. Though I have to say I can imagine that quite a few die hard Jason Statham fans would cringe at her part in this one!!