Monday, 8 April 2013

Nicholas Cage the Bank Robber!

From the movie poster and tagline ...
12 Hours, $10 million, 1 Kidnapped daughter, STOLEN
... you'd be right to guess that the film is about Nic Cage frantically trying to rescue his daughter within a 12 hour time frame for the sum of $10 mill ransom. But what the poster doesn't elude to is his type of character, other than making him look a bit like an action hero running away from an exploding car. Mr Cage has played so many different characters in the past, so it would be anybody's guess (if you don't head to IMDB beforehand) what he is portraying this time. All is revealed in the film opening and at that point we realise  that 'Stolen' is also referring to Nic Cage the expert bank robber.

Whilst in character he didn't really seem any different from the Nicholas Cage we know so well in his other films, and this one is equally as watchable though it would never be a big money earner and might be more popular on DVD. A special nod to whoever the make-up artist was in making one of the characters look as unwell as he did - I would say try and spot who I mean but that would be way too easy!! No wonder that character had 'issues' in the movie!!