Thursday, 18 April 2013

We're off to see the Wizard in 3D

Should you pay extra to see the 3D version of Oz the Great and Powerful? I would strongly recommend it - Disney has the money to film in top quality 3D which it did! As with the ‘The Wizard of Oz’ it starts with a smaller size projection in black and white and even here the 3D is impressive with smoke and FX coming out beyond the border of the actual projection. Then we are taken to Oz in a similar way to Dorothy Gale, but with the 3D and the storm footage you actually feel as though you are traveling with Oz the "magician" rather than just observing.

Then we arrive in Oz which is such a visual treat: We explore the land a little before the story goes on, and with all the FX and technology we have nowadays the land of Oz is made to look even more impressive than you could imagine. The costumes are also amazing and there are so many nods to the Judy Garland film – the traveling bubble, flying monkeys, scarecrows and lions. Though strangely Disney was not allowed to use the same shade of green that Warner Brothers originally used for the witch - did you know you could actually own shades of colour?

When you watch this film there are a couple of things to look out for - the way to ‘China Town’ and what it's referring too (this actually just clicked for me after I left the theatre - doh!); Bruce Campbell; the intricately patterned boots that Theodora is wearing when she first appears - I've been looking online since and the boots just look black - I swear there was a pattern on them!

Whilst everything about this movie is great Michelle Williams did on occasion slip into her Marilyn Monroe accent and, as usual, a film directed by Sam Raimi will of course have a lot of his family members playing parts, including Ted. This is a film that most will enjoy and is also one of better 3D experiences.