Wednesday, 26 June 2013

After Earth – A Smith family project

Sci-Fi story by Will, produced by Jada and her brother, and Will, starring Jaden and Will.The Smith family have the money and power and the acting ability, but can Will write a good Sci-fi.  This movie immediately made me think of a Sci-Fi version of The Jungle Book. Kids would love this, finding bravery and surviving against vicious creatures in a strange world. Adults will probably pick holes in the plot like I did – things like the disabled one-legged man, but after seeing the technology in other parts of this film you know that the man would have a high tech artificial replacement, and the story idea that Earth is dangerous and has evolved to kill man, but they had to introduce an Alien life form on earth as that would be far scarier than baboons and eagles could ever be.  So Will should keep-up the writing for kids but maybe step away from the sci-fi genre.