Saturday, 1 June 2013

Iron Man 3

If you love the Iron Man movies like I do then you will love this film. So much time and effort must have gone into the design of all the different Iron Man suits which are a feast for your eyes. There are also plenty of tie-in’s with The Avengers movie and how Tony Stark feels post New York. When they talk about the bad guy - the Mandarin - it just kept making me think of the fruit and all the spoof YouTube videos that will probably appear afterwards. A word of warning though if you are a die hard Iron Man comic fan, a lot of the comic readers have been disappointed with this film, so if you love the comics then read a few reviews by other comic book fans first then decide. If you love big Hollywood blockbusters and Robert Downey Jr as Iron Man then this is a must. As with the other Marvel movies there is a post credit scene but this time it doesn't seem to be setting up another movie. And here's a tip, if you like sticking around for post credit scenes then check out which lets you know if there’s a scene to stick around for.