Thursday, 3 October 2013


Well as you might expect R.I.P.D is extremely similar to Men In Black. Is it better? Not really – the film was kind of mixed. I couldn’t stand Jeff Bridges character who was talking as though he was chewing tobacco the whole time – you couldn’t understand half of the badly written lines he was delivering. Despite this being based on a comic book, Ryan Reynolds didn’t seem to change his acting style at all, okay he was playing a dead guy but he was still stuck in one of his previous serious movies it seemed. Unsurprisingly though it was Kevin Bacon who stole the show – there was nothing extremely unique about his role but his delivery outshone everyone else.  And the movie itself?  It did pick up as it was going along - the first 30 minutes mediocre, the last 30 minutes great; I suspect if Men In Black hadn’t been done first it would have been much better.