Thursday, 10 October 2013

White House Down

So White House Down - is it better than Olympus has Fallen? Oh most definitely yes!!! An awesome, leave your brain at the door, action movie with all the explosions, property damage and random gun fire that any true action fan would want to see in a film. Okay, so it's not too original as Channing Tatum did end up in a white vest which didn't see as much dirt as was John McClane's, and the bad guys, and story, did make you think of Die Hard, but nonetheless White House Down is fun to watch. Channing T was one of the film's producers so I think it's his attempt at moving away from all the romantic roles he gets. After this, no matter how pretty he is, we can respect him as an action hero. A shout out to Jamie Foxx too but he's already well recognised for his diversity in acting. An action movie I will most definitely be watching again !!!