Thursday, 24 January 2013

And on the Small Screen: Comic Book Men

Did you love comics as a kid? Do you still secretly like comics, or are you an adult who’s proud to still love them? If you are then you must watch Comic Book Men. A reality show set in Jay and Silent Bob’s Secret Stash in New Jersey (remember those guys in the Kevin Smith movies?) You’ll have a blast watching Walt, Chris and Bry making fun of Ming every single week. You’ll love the oddballs that come into the store trying to make a fortune from their water stained, dog-eared, cigar smoke smelling comics that they just found under their grandfathers bed, just so they can buy that new kitchen. You’ll also love how Walt buys almost everything that is brought into the store – I really want to see all that set-up inside his house!!

You would never even imagine how working in a comic book shop could be so much fun, although I must admit I've always thought working in a Forbidden Planet store would be amazing! Comic Book Men returns to the small screen on 14th Feb … check out the FB page to find out more!