Monday, 28 January 2013


Someone in my office described Django as a spoof western, I was astounded!! If QT had heard that remark can you imagine what his response would be!?! As you’d expect Django pays homage to the classic westerns – the names of the horses, the names of the characters, the Ennio Morricone music mixed into a soundtrack that is typical QT, the original Django making an appearance - I must confess I never saw the original and found this out afterwards. At the same time Django Unchained is classic QT: Samuel L Jackson getting in as many MoFo references in as he can, the classic cult worthy conversations, and of course the violence. The performances are outstanding - Christoph Waltz, I felt, surpassed his performance in Inglourious Bastards, Jamie Foxx gave it his all - one of the scenes must have been particularly uncomfortable for him to do, and Kerry Washington who plays Django’s wife had to act through her way through so many harrowing scenes, also [SPOILER] watch out for the scene where Leonardo DiCaprio continues acting right through a real injury – I guess that’s what you’d call dedication to the art, and it did add to the emotion of the scene!! [ / ]

Quentin Tarantino doesn’t churn out the movies, but his few offerings are well worth the wait! Now that he's done war and a western do you think he might try classic horror or sci-fi next?