Sunday, 13 January 2013

… and the winner is … ???

Though the year has only just started, it’s that time of year already when the Oscar nominations are announced. Good timing for Quentin Tarantino’s release of Django with several noms including Best Picture and Original Screenplay. Some strong contenders in the animated feature film category too with Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie – a movie treat for film buffs – did you spot all the horror movie references? And Wreck-It-Ralph (although this hasn’t been released in the UK yet we thoroughly enjoyed the free Wreck-It-Ralph advent calendar that we picked up from our local cinema). 

One of the surprise nominations for me this year though is Silver Linings Playbook. Don’t get me wrong – I loved this movie! But for me it had more the feel of an indie pic that you’d watch at the local art house cinema rather than a glitzy Oscars contender. It’s nice to see that it’s up for 8 Oscars including Best Picture, Director and nods in all the actor categories. It does have some stiff competition though but we’ll have to sit tight ‘til 24th Feb. when the Oscar ceremony takes place to see how it fares!